An Audience with…
Danielle Cormack & Kate Jenkinson
Exclusive UK Event

Saturday 15th December – Birmingham | Sunday 16th December – London

1pm – 7:30pm


We are delighted to announce a rare opportunity to have the chance to meet BOTH amazing actors together!

Cost per person £140 (includes PayPal processing fee) Which includes:

  • Access the ‘Audience With’ section.
  • One photo of you with Dan and Kate together! (Selfie or professional photo).
  • Two signatures per person.

There is also a choice to buy a special 12 page booklet that includes photos of both Danielle and Kate. Buy it before you miss out!

The start time is 1pm, guests should arrive at 12:30pm so the event can get underway at 1pm promptly.

Please only buy a photo book if you are attending an event!

All tickets to these events are now sold out.

If any more tickets become available please email for more information, thank you.